Did you know? Sharks don't feed on humans. Humans feed on sharks. The official SILENCE OF THE SHARKS video invites you to watch, share and join the campaign to save lives and make a difference!


Children of the world are joining this fascinating and important journey of saving the sharks by drawing the protest banners held underwater during the dive. For this purpose, a competition is held online, inviting all children in all countries and all ages to create their own protest banner and to share it on a dedicated platform established on the SILENCE OF THE SHARKS website.

The winning banners will be printed on waterproof ads and will be carried underwater by the protesting divers. 

*  The best drawing of them all was awarding its young creator : Junior Open Water Diver Course completed with a Junior Complete Diving First Aid Course offered by PADI and DAN Europe.

For the winning banners

Martin Strmiska

Since I was born I have been in very close relation with water. Salt water helped me snorkel before I could swim. My parents often tell funny stories about me floating on the surface for hours until my back got burned again and again.
Later I started scuba diving in 1995 in Mediterranean. Although I had an idea what a beauty is down there from snorkeling times, scuba diving opened my eyes even more. I will never forget the moment when the first breath from scuba allowed me to stay under surface longer.
First contact with waters of Red Sea made me completely addicted to exploring and observing underwater environment. Attempts to save memories pushed me forward and I bought an underwater camera in 2003. Since then the passion has changed from diving and exploring to searching and capturing unique moments. Wide angle has become my favourite photography discipline. Sharks are wonderful creatures I love to interact with. I love to see their eyes, feel the roughness of their skin and watch the elegance they cruise the waters with. The ocean would be such a depleted space without them.