Did you know? Sharks don't feed on humans. Humans feed on sharks. The official SILENCE OF THE SHARKS video invites you to watch, share and join the campaign to save lives and make a difference!


Children of the world are joining this fascinating and important journey of saving the sharks by drawing the protest banners held underwater during the dive. For this purpose, a competition is held online, inviting all children in all countries and all ages to create their own protest banner and to share it on a dedicated platform established on the SILENCE OF THE SHARKS website.

The winning banners will be printed on waterproof ads and will be carried underwater by the protesting divers. 

*  The best drawing of them all was awarding its young creator : Junior Open Water Diver Course completed with a Junior Complete Diving First Aid Course offered by PADI and DAN Europe.

For the winning banners

D-Dive & Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Silence of the Sharks 2017 Protest Dive

It is our belief that the key to a successful protest dive will be through ensuring the safety of all our divers and the natural integrity of our dive site. 
Based on our experience of past dives, we have compiled the basic outline and rules of the dive to take place October 22, 2017. 
A detailed plan as well as a review of the procedural operations of the dive will be gone over more thoroughly during the “dry run” to avoid any potential misunderstandings and to ensure the safest dive possible for all participants. 

Dive Procedure Overview
1.    Early Registration
2.    Dive Headquarters - diving, staff safety and an emergency evacuation.
3.    Swimming to dive site and preparation for dive
4.    Decent and stabilization around the group’s underwater site
5.    Panoramic photo of group and live broadcast
6.    Organized surfacing of all divers
7.    Exiting the water and diver check-in at on-land Dive Headquarters
8.    Summary, the distribution of T-shirts and certificates and departure

Early Registration
a.    Registration for dive through www.silenceofthesharks.org
b.    Regulations for Dive: Must be 2-Star Level Diver/ Certified in advanced open water dives, meeting all requirements for independent diving by law. 
*Pursuant to Israeli laws and regulations, any foreign diver wishing to participate in D-Dive must present documentation by an authorized scuba organization that is recognized in Israel showing that the diver has participated in at least one dive in the past 6-month period prior to D-Dive as well as proof of valid diving insurance. 

Dive Headquarters Eilat dive organization point

a.    Every diver will be responsible to assemble on time at Dive Headquarters site, to present all applicable information and certification with all needed dive equipment
b.    Divers will be divided into groups of up to 15 each with an experienced group leader who has gone through the dry run simulation previously
c.    All divers must collect at the Dive Headquarters assembly point as determined by group leaders near entry point to water.
d.    Once each group has been assembled at the Dive Headquarters, each group of 15 will receive a briefing followed by a general briefing for all divers covering the procedure, safety concerns, conservation of the site, emergency procedure and evacuation during the dive itself.

Swimming to Dive Site and Preparation for Dive 
a.    Group walk to beach entry site
b.    Each group will be led by leader to entry site
c.    Group swim to the marked site before descent to dive site
d.    Groups will collect slowly to ensure each diver safely reached the pre-arranged site as detailed in the figure below.

a.    After receiving the signal from dive coordinators, group dive leaders will begin to slowly descend with group along their designated dive-lines
b.    Group leaders will conduct a check to make sure entire group has made it to designated group site
c.    Divers will stay in area designated to their group

 Panoramic Photo and Live Broadcast

a.    The entirety of the dive will be photographed and filmed for live broadcast
b.    To maintain optimal photography conditions, divers will be unable to be located on the main deck of the ship
c.    Signaling flag will be hoisted at the start of the panoramic photography
d.    Second Signaling flag will be hoisted to mark the end of photography and dive
*Divers will not be able to use personal camera or filming devices that require the use of their hands during the dive. Fixed cameras such as GoPro’s that do not require divers hand movement during the shooting of the panoramic image will be allowed. 

Organized Surfacing of all Divers
a.    Scheduled duration of dive: 20 minutes
b.    At the end of the allotted bottom time and with the signaling of the ending flag, team leaders will direct each group to surface along the dive lines in an organized and controlled manner. 
7.    Exiting the Water and Diver Check-In at on-land Dive Headquarters
a.    Groups leaders will proceed with group back to Dive Headquarters for final check that all divers are present and accounted for.
8.    Summary, the distribution of T-shirts and certificates and departure
a.    Distribution of T-shirts and Dive Certificates will take place at the Dive Headquarters main tables marked by group numbers

*Important Emergency Safety and Conservation Information*

Means and methods of evacuating injured:
1.    First aid ship will be equipped with first aid equipment and a team of First Aid
2.    Evacuation boat - linked to (Long Side) First aid ship.
3.    Land Evacuation Point- Zium Yam.
4.    Land Evacuation - Handled by local MDA (Israeli Red Cross) Ambulances
5.    Decompression Chamber - Yoseftal Hospital, Eilat.

1.    GOAL: At the conclusion of the dive, there will be no damage or signs of disturbance to the dive site and surrounding areas
2.    Dive is designed with natural conservation management program in mind: the seating areas for all dive groups have been chosen according to the constraints of natural conservation considerations
3.    Conservation briefing will be provided as part of the general dive briefing for all participants
4.    The dive will be accompanied by representatives from the national parks and wildlife authorities to ensure proper conduct with regard to natural conservation
5.    3 Certified Deep Water Safety  Divers will be present to ensure the safety of the dive and may intervene in the case of possible harm to divers or the dive environment
6.    Each group leader will act to ensure the natural integrity for their own group’s dive point