Did you know? Sharks don't feed on humans. Humans feed on sharks. The official SILENCE OF THE SHARKS video invites you to watch, share and join the campaign to save lives and make a difference!


Children of the world are joining this fascinating and important journey of saving the sharks by drawing the protest banners held underwater during the dive. For this purpose, a competition is held online, inviting all children in all countries and all ages to create their own protest banner and to share it on a dedicated platform established on the SILENCE OF THE SHARKS website.

The winning banners will be printed on waterproof ads and will be carried underwater by the protesting divers. 

*  The best drawing of them all was awarding its young creator : Junior Open Water Diver Course completed with a Junior Complete Diving First Aid Course offered by PADI and DAN Europe.

For the winning banners

Kurt Amsler

 Amsler considers on highlight of his live to have taken place in 1985, when as a cameraman he produced jointly with Hans Hass  the documentary  “The Maldives – Paradise Transformed”.  First time in the German speaking world, two action packed TV broadcasts were shown. One in 1986, which featured the Wreck of the “JURA” in Lake Constance, the other in 1989, about exploring the deep caves of the source “Orb” of  the Vaud, Jura Switzerland. Other TV production followed notably “Verzasca” in 1991 and “Oceanoplis” in 1994.
His twelve books covering the subaquatic realms, the illustrated book titled “ Maldives” and “Caribbean” received one the highest international honors with the “Prix Mondial  du Livre d’ Image Sous Marine”
Advertising photography and mastering his “Underwaterphoto-School”  at the French Riviera, round of the work of this multitalented hotographer.
During all this activities, Amsler is always sure to keep an eye on the environment. His organization “SOS-Seaturtles” has been fighting  for over two decades to preserve this endangered reptiles. His pictures and films contribute towards the public. Specific campaigns on site, have helped to prevent thousands animals from being slaughtered. For his environmental activities he was awarded two times by the PADI” Project Aware Foundation”  and he is Honorable Member  of “Shark Project”  Germany.
www.photosub.com   www.sos-seaturtles.ch