Did you know? Sharks don't feed on humans. Humans feed on sharks. The official SILENCE OF THE SHARKS video invites you to watch, share and join the campaign to save lives and make a difference!


Children of the world are joining this fascinating and important journey of saving the sharks by drawing the protest banners held underwater during the dive. For this purpose, a competition is held online, inviting all children in all countries and all ages to create their own protest banner and to share it on a dedicated platform established on the SILENCE OF THE SHARKS website.

The winning banners will be printed on waterproof ads and will be carried underwater by the protesting divers. 

*  The best drawing of them all was awarding its young creator : Junior Open Water Diver Course completed with a Junior Complete Diving First Aid Course offered by PADI and DAN Europe.

For the winning banners

Shark Congress, has been postponed

International Shark Congress, planned for October, 2017,
 has been postponed
The largest underwater protest dive ever planned, which was planned to include over 500 protest divers and to take place during the international shark congress in Eilat, Israel, on October, 2017 – has been held off and will be rescheduled to later date.  The reason: a heap of cancellations by congress guests planned to arrive from abroad due to the deteriorating security situation in Israel.
“Ever since riots began around the Temple Mount, we have been receiving more and more cancellations of guests who were planned to arrive from abroad, whether they’re divers who initially signed up to take part in the protest dive or specialists and activists specially arriving to participate in the congress”, says David Pilosof, producer of the event. “I’ve been working intensively on this project for over two years, supported by a wonderful team of friends and colleagues. Together we’ve managed to initiate the Silence of the Sharks event, aimed to increase public awareness to the terrifying reality of sharks in the oceans nowadays.
We are now only two months away from the scheduled event, but the rough situation in Israel has seemed to result with a heap of cancellations, as well as great difficulties to raise the support of international sponsors. Therefore, we have decided to postpone the event for two years and to reconsider our plan. I would like to thank all those many good people who have followed the idea and supported it. 
As for the sharks, all is left is to ask for their forgiveness. We will definitely return in the future with great efforts to increase awareness to this most important matter.”
Important Notes
The Children Posters Competition continues and the winner will be announced on September 10th.
The shark conservation research workshop, sponsored by the University of Haifa and the Eco-Ocean association and planned to take part during the International Shark Congress in Eilat, hosting some of the greatest and most known shark activists from all over the world, will take place in a different location - to be announced shortly.